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Friday, February 12, 2010

Assalamualaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh

1. Sometimes I use cooperation, sometimes I work independently

2. Sometimes I go to the street and meet very smart people in street (eventhough I only have a ‘kapcai’), sometimes I go to school and meet extremely smart people in school to discuss about latest technologies that they have created

3. Sometimes I learn engineering, sometimes I learn financial

4. Sometimes I fly high in the sky to see what other people are doing. Sometimes I go to the street to see what's real happen

5. Sometimes I meet extraordinary rich people to know their perspective view of this life and sometimes I meet very poor and poverty people so that I can appreciated my life

6. Sometimes I am serious, sometimes I am funny (eventhough my students don’t laught & they said that I am a serious lecturer with a serious joke)

7. Sometimes I am angry with my student (You smoke when I gave you 5 minutes break……for sure I chased you out, 'go out and brushed your teeth and your cloths before entering my class. Don’t disturb this class with your bad smell'). Sometimes I am really apprecited them

8. Sometimes I learn newthings from my students. They are coming from different background. Some students are smart enough in academic, and some student are not really smart in academic……But I am sure both of them need to be smart in street; in financial education if they want to be succeed in this real life…

9. Sometimes I ask students to make cooperation (in tutorial) and sometimes I ask them to be independent (in quizzes and tests), because that is real life. Sometimes we need to be independent and sometimes we need to be cooperated…Sometimes we need to give and sometimes we may need to take something….

In conclusion, I love myself, my family, my students, my peer lecturer and all of people around me, and I like much the way I live this life. Thank you to all of them and thank you also to all of visitors and online friends..


2sen said...

salam tuan, minta izin copy artikel tuan ini utk disebarkan..amat menarik..

Lukeman Yusoff said...

Salam..kecil tapak tangan nyiru saya tadahkan. Semua yang ada disini diizin copy, moga ada manfaatnya..

Kembara Insan... said...

that mean, u already 'love' yr career, family and life.

Don't forget from where u start and came.

Don't forget to share all yr wealth to others.

Life is for Allah.

Lukeman Yusoff said...

Ada Bangi lagi ke Zul? Jom keluar minum malam nanti

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